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Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

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Dr.Prabhu Kumar Raju 


ENT Surgeon , Epigenetic Wellness Consultant 

Dr Prabhu is in the field of medicine since 1988 ( 35 years ) right from being an ENT SURGEON TO ENERGY ANALYST TO STEM CELL THERAPIST AND FINALLY EPIGENETIC which is going to be the future and it’s a new dimension in the medical frontier . with a passion to heal and assist fellow human beings we are on a journey to optimize our physical health ,optimize our energy fields and at the end of the day realise our soul and its purpose on the human platform .

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Dr. V.N Selvam 

M.B.B.S,M.D Gen Med,DHSC Diab,

Senior Physician,Diabetologist and Epigenetic Consultant.
Trained in Epigenetic management by S-Drive technology at Cell Well-being Ltd Germany. 

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