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Bio Quantum

What is  quantum resonance ?

The human body consists of a large number of cells that continuously grow, develop, differentiate, regenerate and eliminate. In a single second, approximately 25 million cells are distributed throughout the body. Also, the blood cells frequently redevelop at the rate of 100 million/ minute. During this process of cell regeneration and distribution, the highly charged atoms/electrons constantly travel as well as emit electromagnetic waves. As these wave signals are dissimilar for different body conditions such as health, sub-health and disease, understanding these radiations can provide an assessment of the individual’s well-being.

According to Quantum Medicine, the central cause of illness is the spin of electrons and change of orbit outside the atomic nucleus. It leads to a change in atoms, small and big biomolecules which ultimately, affects the organs. As the electrons have an electromagnetic charge, the waves emitted by the atoms will also change with the spin of electrons. However, the change in electromagnetic waves caused due to alterations in the body’s nutritional state of presence of any disease is minimal (usually around nano gauss to microgauss).

How Does it work ?

When an individual holds a sensor in his hand, the frequency and energy of the magnetic field can be easily determined. The size of the quantum value is an indicator of the type and severity of a disease as well as any nutritional deficiency in an individual. The detailed assessment helps the clinicians to pen down the testing reports. For instance, as cancer cells have different composition from normal cells, the electromagnetic waves emitted by both will also be different. During bio-assessment, the standard cancer cells are sent to the specimen. If the body has cancer cells, it will exhibit resonance and the device will detect the signal. If there are a huge number of cancer cells, the signal will be strong and the quantum value will be more inclined towards negative. In contrast, resonance will not occur in the absence of cancer cells and the quantum value will be positive.


The concept of quantum resonance analysis is similar to listening radio broadcast. When you want to catch certain specific broadcasting, you can switch to a specific frequency. When resonance occurs, you are able to listen to the broadcast. Quantum resonance uses the same principle for bio-assessment.


Following Report will be shown:
  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular

  • Gastrointestinal Function

  • Liver Function

  • Gallbladder Function

  • Pancreatic Function

  • Kidney Function

  • Lung Function

  • Brain Nerve

  • Bone Disease

  • Bone Mineral Density

  • Rheumatoid Bone Disease

  • Blood Sugar

  • Basic Physical Quality

  • Human Toxin

  • Trace Elements

  • Amino Acid

  • Endocrine System

  • Immune System

  • Gynecology (female)

  • Skin

  • Breast (female)

  • Element of human

  • Prostate (male)

  • Male Sexual Function(male)

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