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Bio- Vibes Workshop-Level 1

200 USD

2 Days

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WE AT GHES after years of training and upgrading from basic  reiki workshops( 2000)  to Biovibes workshop which we started in 2013 and finally as we came to understand that BIOVIBES WHICH WAS COINED BY DR PRABHU FOR BIOENERGY IN 2009 was an EPIGENETIC FACTOR AFFECTING our body mind and soul and that’s how EPIGEN WORKSHOP WAS FULLY MODIFIED IN THE YEAR 2021 TO MORE AN SCIENTIFIUC APPROACH AND modules were created to train our students much deeper and methodical in learning the art of Biovibes

Reason to attend the workshop

80 % of the population analysed( 30,000)  by dr prabhu found that they all are vibration at lower frequency .hence to assist human beings GHES started this workshop in 2013


Minimum requirements

1.     Your biovibes must be 10 “ and above to attend the workshop

2.     You must be keen in learning and upgrading the knowledge about biovibes & its application

3.     If by chance your biovibes is lower than the 10 “ requirement you have an option to procure our bioenhancer and using during and after the workshop

4.     You must be connected to our GHES for at least 1 year to learn the basics by attending our monthly workshops or classes conducted in relation to biovibes

5.     Enthusiasm to become independent in terms to handling energies and if possible do some research in this field to enhance the teaching modalities .

 What will you learn ??

1.     Basic metqaphysics of energy

2.     Chakras in depth

3.     Auric layers

4.     Handling meditation

5.     Many other relevant practices

Important aspect of the workshop

1.     You will have to submit a journal write up after 21 days

2.     An assessment theory for 100 marks will be conducted after the 21 days of practice

3.     Certificate will given only if you score 50% & above

4.     If by chance you score less you will be given another opportunity to read back and sit for exams after another 21 days

Course materials

All will be provided by ghes  including music for meditation and practices

Post course 21 days practice

Is a must for every one and no excuses allowed for leniency

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