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The law of energy conservation states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another. For instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy. There is no conflict or effort needed when energy is made to pass from source to destination in its current form. The difficulty arises only when it has to be converted from one form to another. Once these energies are controlled and directed in a desired way, they improve our physical conveniences.Extending this law to our own consciousness, we come to observe that the law works the same in all dimensions. In non-awareness people do not respond but react to negativity; they dislike and nurture it for some time and then propagate it to others in the same form. The next receiver follows the same formula and there is a chain reaction.Realised sages who are wise and have the power of discrimination could help us convert negativity into positivity. Here also the law works similarly and you first face intense resistance. The blueness of the sky is an optical illusion; similarly, the negativity we experience is also delusion because essentially, there exists the same positivity within. However, just as an inebriated person enjoys his deluded mind, the ignorant enjoy their pathetic condition. The ignorant would take their own sweet time to understand the reality based on their prakriti but thoughtful people must keep influencing them – preferably by example -- not to tread the wrong path based on conditioning and pleasure. The deluded or the ignorant would try to achieve any goal with less physical, mental or spiritual effort. They lack restraint, and are unable to comprehend the feelings of others; they are arrogant and lethargic.   The wise, on the other hand, would always follow sage suggestions knowingly or unknowingly and display sattvic qualities like a penetrating intellect, alertness, and fearlessness. The wise are always focused on betterment of their surroundings and fellow beings.Generally, everyone looks up to the satvic kind of people but find themselves following the deluded group on account of fear and misplaced attachment which causes them to be fragmented from within. Such people can be invariably seen engaging in pointless arguments and nothing else. When they are tormented enough they comfort themselves by deriving good qualities from outside like movies, exciting trips and some vague experiences. But what is not their own nature will not soothe them for longer and their life will not be vibrant until they start living from a wise and fearless nature.Ultimately, we have three groups with different goals.

The deluded group says: This is my duty to do and spread negativity and I enjoy doing it to the core.

The wise group says: This is my duty to do and spread positivity and I enjoy doing that to the fullest.

The general group says: This is my duty to save what I have; I enjoy being motivated by the wise ones and feel scared of the deluded ones.

We all interact and conflict with these different groups at office, work, home and any other situation.  These conflicts have been there since long and are likely to continue to eternity. The purpose of discussing these issues could be seen as a way to introduce us to our real nature. The only expectation is to live our life in unbroken awareness, spontaneity and vibrancy. If we are overflowing with positivity then we must charge the neutrals and help the negatives to be at least neutral

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