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The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge and serenity. The Pink Lotus is the National Flower of India. Nelumbo nucifera is known by a number of common names, including Sacred lotus, Indian lotus and Sacred water-lily.

The plant has its roots firmly in the mud and sends out long stems to which their leaves are attached. The leaves are sometimes, and Lotus flowers always, raised above the water surface.

The Lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists.

The Lotus flower is quoted extensively in Puranic and Vedic literature.

The Lotus is one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism - an eight petalled lotus used in Buddhist mandalas symbolizes cosmic harmony, a thousand petalled Lotus, spiritual illumination. A bud symbolizes potential. The well-known Buddhist mantra, "Om mane padme," refers to the jewel in the lotus, enlightenment.

In Egyptian mythology, the Lotus is associated with the sun, because it bloomed by day and closed by night. The Lotus is even believed to have given birth to the sun.

The roots of the Lotus are planted in the soil of the pond or river bottom, while the leaves float on top of the water surface. The Lotus flowers are usually found on thick stems rising several centimeters above the water.

The Lotus flowers, seeds, young leaves and rhizomes are all edible. In Asia, the petals are sometimes used for garnish, while the large leaves are used as a wrap for food.

Various parts of the sacred Lotus are also used in traditional Asian herbal medicine.

The Lotus fruits are a conical pod with seeds contained in holes in the pod. Nucifera means having hard fruit. When the seeds are ripe, they become loose in the pod. The pod then tips down towards the water, releasing the seeds.

When the Lotus flower's petals fall, they are replaced by a flat-topped seed pod divided into compartments, resembling a wasp's hive. The tender seeds are munched happily in north-east India.

The Lotus stem is eaten almost in all parts of India, and pickled too.

Nelumbium luteum is the American Lotus, with pale, small flowers.

The Indian or Chinese Lotus, nelumbium nelumbo, usually has pink flowers although white, rose and double varieties are available.


W e all know that in hindu tradition lotus plays a very important role .

We offer lotus to goddess laxmi ,we have seen goddess laxmi /saraswathi or even Buddha will be sitting on the lotus

The 2nd commonly used terminology is in our yogic practices ,we call it lotus position. All these have some inner significance

First lets analyze lotus and its significance in human life

The root of the lotus is always firmly attached to the mud below the water .the mud represents the earth  we all are living on this planet earth and hence we need to have a firm footing on this planet earth ,no doubt we are born here but 90 -95 % are stuck in the mud of the earth and never grow like the lotus ,we tend to get into the cycle of life and death .

The root has to hold the stem in turn the flower blooms on top of the water  and the leaf just nicely spreads over the water looks as though it is floating .

The lotus is fully surrounded by water which invariably will be a dirty pond  ,which represents our EMOTIONS ( HARA CHAKRA ) ,We as human beings should first understand that we are born here to grow and bloom like a lotus ,the 1st step is to have a firm footing on this planet earth ,which we can only realize that being born as human being is a gift ( we could have been born as any other beings of lower nature ) ,as we grow from a child to old age and die we need to slowly build our strong stem of self realization to be bloomed in to a flower .a point to be noted how ever deep the water is the lotus will still hook to the ground mud when there is a water current it slowly sways .in our life we are also involved in lots of emotions and  turbulences around us ,+ our own mind creating the turbulence ,how ever the water is dirty or polluted we still get a beautiful lotus ,which when bloomed looks so beautiful ,imagine we are offering the flower  grown in a dirty polluted  pond because of its purity , fragrance and symbolism

The situation on this earth is no different we live in a total polluted ( not physical ) vibrational pollution becos of the thoughts of human beings ,even though we have very clear and good thoughts when we step out of our house we are bombarded with environmental vibrational pollution .90-95% of the human beings born don’t even come to the stage of budding ,they will die and be buried in the mud .to master the emotional status of our journey is next to impossible ,unless we practice meditation and calm our mind then the swaying of emotions can be controlled. Only then we can get the wisdom like the leaf of lotus which spreads on the water ,we also can be in the world with detachment ,by chance we pour water on the leaf  it will be as though not touching it will role out ,same way we also can be in a state of detachment  but still live  on this planet earth .                                                                                                                

The best part of our life would be when we bloom like a lotus ,as gods are always on the lotus flower ,we always we claim that we reach the lotus feet of god after we die ,in reality  90 % go back to the mud ( reenter the cycle of birth and death )not to the lotus feet of god

we wish to share our view after the research on biovibes for 8 long years that we human beings are born with high biovibes and once we consciously fix our roots to the earth we need to stabilize the emotions as early as possible and live a life complete our duties as per our journey requirement and elevate ourself to the highest. The whole process happens only when we realize the purpose of life and live accordingly ,to realize our journey we need to be in high biovibes of 10 “ +++ ,this is a exclusive research golden hands  has taken under the guidance of Dr Prabhu kumar raju who is our consultant analyst .the path becomes more easy when every soul on this planet lives with high biovibes

Join hands with Golden hands to elevate yourself .we believe in knowledge dissipation ,its up to you how much you want to take .

We have the expertise and tools to assist you .   

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