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The most loved by any Indian women  will be to buy in gold the tradition has been in india for 1000’s of years and still is a fantasy of every women to decorate and highlight themselves with gold ornament .we from golden hands  did a research on the properties of gold especially with the biovibes the following experiment gives a lot of info .This picture must give u an idea here we see a pure 999 gold chip of 5 gms what we did was to check the biovibes of the gold the moment we purchased which is on the left side of the photo which shows 8 inches biovibes emitted by the gold chip .now we charged this god with our pyramid bio-enhancer for 30-45 minutes and later we found that the metal has absorbed the biovibes and has increased the biovibes of the gold to 17 inches which is amazing 

Inference after the experiment by Golden hands

GOLD is one of the most powerful metal which can absorb positive vibes from the cosmos and can retain it for longer period than we can think of & hence now we can correlate that it has been a custom to wear gold ornament’s to the temple was to absorb as much as positive energy from the temple ( the temple is an powerful centre of positive vibes ) and when they return back home and place it in the locker / cupboard  the gold will emit positive vibes which is good for the house ,it will be a good idea if we human beings can wear the gold ornament 24 hrs and feel good all the time with positive vibes .But one must understand that we have another powerful creator and destroyer of biovibes with in ourselves it is the                   whether we use gold or not we still can create a positive vibes with our mind this is hat most of the spiritual masters have been mastering the worldly life with a positive mind .

In the experiments with gold done by Dr Prabhu kumar raju our golden hands expert always recommends that every human being should have a gold bioenhancers with them so that their biovibes is kept at a balance all the time in spite of the mind collecting negative thoughts invariable 70-80%of our journey .there is another benefit if having the gold bioenhancers is when there is lot of positivity inside the gold then automatically the negativity from outside is reflected off ,how ever if oneself has lot of negativity /dissatisfaction in life’s journey then the chances are that the power of the gold can be depleted over a period of time .

The good news is gold is one of the powerful biovibes retainer and we can see that in the temple tirupathi main Gopuram which is fully gold and imagine the amount of positive energy it will be attracting it is awesome and magnanimous powerful store house for the Hindu devotee .hence take as much as gold you can when you go to the temple but hide it inside ur garment ( for safety reasons) and get it charged .

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