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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

There is only one sense, THE SENSE OF FEELING. All other senses are different forms of the same sense.

To see, hear, touch, smell or taste is to feel. All senses lead to feeling.Looking is touching. The more you like something or someone, the more you look at it and the more you are mentally touching it. Different colors have different psychological, biological and spiritual effects on us.Music moves people in ways that nothing else can. Different sound, beats, rhythm and harmony lead to different emotional journeys. Music can transport us to places we’ve never been to before and the sound of a sweet and gentle voice can melt your heart completely.

The statement “You reached out for my hand but end up touching my heart” shows that touching someone usually has more than a physical effect. By the nature of your touch, they can sense your strength, attitude, intention and emotion.The way to a man’s heart or emotions is through his stomach. The food that we eat required more than nutritional value to satisfy us. We consume not just for our physical well being but also for our emotional well being. Some people tend to eat more when they feel anxiety. They psychologically feel that they are lacking something and therefore they need to fill up.Smell is the attractant or repellent scent of love. The smell of others literally pull you towards or push you away from them. The scent of beautiful smelling flowers can create instant feelings of romance and serenity.

It is said that it isn’t most important how great a guy looks or what he says, but how he makes her feel. Everything that he does is to make her feel attracted to him. The same is also true for the guy being attracted to the girl.As it is in the world of attraction, so is it in the entire universe.

All sensory stimulus are basically vibrations. Light waves, sound waves, tactile and chemical vibrations. The universe is one whole seamless sea of vibrations. Your five sense interprets the different levels of vibration into sight, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting.

The most primitive sense of perceiving vibrations is the sense of feeling. Vibrations have to be felt. That is why the invisible and the silent forces can only be perceived by feeling them.

Vibrations that are beyond the range of the five senses ability to detect can be perceived directly by our consciousness. All sensory input travels through our nervous system and gets processed by our brain and passed on to our consciousness, the higher energy aspect of our being. Our consciousness can perceive beyond the limits of our physical bodies that it is in phase with while we’re alive.

Thought vibrations are finer than any other vibrations in the physical world. Consciousness is most sensitive to thought vibrations.

There is a Universal Consciousness that permeates and connects everything in the universe. Therefore, our thoughts can literally affect the things around us.Plants do not have eyes to see nor ears to hear but they respond to sunlight and music. When placed under a shade, they will grow towards where the light is shining through. When placed beside a stereo, they will bend towards it when the music is harmonious and away from it if the music is discordant.Plants even respond to the thoughts of people. In the book Primary Perception, a plant registers bioelectrical activity when the author intended to burn it. It even displayed a response at a distance when he forgot to bring his wallet outside and decides to return home. When he replicated his steps, there was no response. The plant is able to differentiate between planned and spontaneous activity. This shows that plants and other living cell organisms can literally read our thoughts. Talking with trees is not that far fetched an idea after all.

The truth that all sense is one sense explains why when people lose one of their senses, they are able to make up for it with the rest. The other senses can take over the function of the lost sense so well that they can still go on living their lives normally. Sometimes it happens so well that a loss of one of their senses seem to be more advantageous to them than when they had it. Their compensating senses develop beyond the normal level of power that enables them to do amazing things. Since all five senses lead to feeling, the reverse is also true. Feeling will also lead to all five senses. A blind person can see your face by feeling it. He can even see you better with his hands and his heart than you can see him with your eyes. His sense of feeling can see past appearance into a person’s true nature.

Knowing that all sensory stimulus are vibrations helps you to understand how cross sensory perception works. You can hear the loudness of color and see the brightness of sound. People can have good or bad tastes in art and music. You can taste what you smell and smell what you see. Dolphins see the ocean scape with sonar while bats see in darkness with echo. You can see the shape of a baby in a womb with ultrasound.In fact, you could even think that all sense is seeing sense, all sense is hearing sense, all sense is touching sense, all sense is smelling sense, all sense is tasting sense and all sense is feeling sense. Since all sense is one sense, you can interpret one form of sensory data into another.

Everything is light, everything is sound, everything is touch, everything is smell, everything is taste and everything is feeling.

Seeing is feeling, hearing is feeling, touching is feeling, smelling is feeling, tasting is feeling.There is an order of development of the five senses in the womb. The first to develop is sense of touch followed by sense of taste, sense of smell, sense of hearing and sense of sight. In the external world, the order of senses in terms of perceptual reach from closest to furthest range is touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.The sense of touch is the closest to the sense of feeling because it is an external form of feeling. The sixth sense is a sense of inner knowing and inner feeling. To know is to feel, to feel is to know. Knowing and feeling are one. How do you know something? You know it as an internal feeling. How do you know something to be true? You know it by how it feels.We can look at a dog and know what it is without thinking the word “dog” in our head. If we look at a dog and we look at a spoon, we know through internal feelings or sensations, they are different things. They do not just look different but they also feel different. We internally register a different feeling from perceiving each one. Our sixth sense delivers that data to us. It is the sensory that is closest to what we are looking for, a frequency or energy.

You experience frequency, energy or vibration by feeling. There is an internal frequency or feeling for every mental phenomena you experience. All mental states are internal frequencies or feelings. It you can recreate the internal frequency, you can recreate the phenomena. There is a frequency of inspiration, passion, confidence, creativity etc.

Emotion or feeling is the closest thing to frequency or vibration that we can communicate to the universe with.

Feeling or frequency is how we communicate with things. This is how psychokinesis works. We put our mind in the mental state or frequency that is in synch with the object in order to move it. If you wanted to float an apple across the room, do you just tell the apple “Hey apple! I command you to float across the room!”? No. It is an internal frequency or feeling we think that moves it.

Understanding our sixth sense opens up our paranormal abilities. If you can perceive, you can also exert. Energy can move in two directions, in and out.

They say you can’t see God but you can feel him, He is like the wind. It begins with feeling, and then hearing, and then seeing. When you begin to feel his presence, you can hear his still small voice and then you shall see visions that he reveals to you. Usually all that takes place mentally in the realm of your imagination although it sometimes happen physically for some people too. The realm of the imagination is spiritual, therefore what takes place in it isn’t just make belief but it is also very real.Since it is the nature of the universe to exist in sevens, there is a seventh sense. The seventh sense is thought perception.

Every place has a mental atmosphere which is made up of the collective thought waves of people that had passed through there. When you go into a place where people have been involved in the mental activity of reading, your thought waves will be entrained for reading. The same is true for mental atmospheres of dancing, relaxing, racing, worshiping or any activity.Feeling is thought. To feel is to think. Feeling is a form of thinking. The sixth sense is to think by feeling. The sixth sense is the link between the first five and the seventh.Emotion and thinking are symbiotic, one never exists without the other. Whenever one seems to exist without the other, it means the other is subconscious. Your thinking affects your emotion and your emotion affects your thinking. Everything is energy and it is Mind that moves energy. Emotion is energy in motion and since Mind is energy, emotion is mind moving itself.

Intuition is combined operation of the sixth and seventh senses. When you come into the presence of people, you can sense their energies and their thought waves. You can perceive whether they are weak or strong, dull or brilliant, good or evil, positive or negative. The same is true for the energies you project for others to sense as well.Just like you can transmute the sense of hearing into the sense of seeing by making a three dimensional mental picture from the sounds of your environment, you can alsotransmute the sixth sense into the seventh sense by understanding what your feelings mean. Your intuition is most powerful when you are able to feel and understand what your feelings mean. You have to use your seventh sense to help your sixth sense.

As the sensory inputs of light, sound, touch, smell and taste are reproduced in your brain, so are the thought waves of your environment reproduced in your brain as well. When you are with wise people, you will tend to think wise thoughts. When you are with foolish people, you will tend to think foolish thoughts. The same is true in the presence of good or evil, strong or weak, positive or negative people.Just like you can block out light by not looking and overpower one sound with a louder one, you can shut out negative thoughts by not thinking them or overpower them with positive ones.

To sense is to perceive. Perception is thought. All senses are thought.

Everything is Thought.

Thought is Mind in Motion. Thought is vibration and vibration is Energy. To sense is to experience Energy in motion or E-motion. When you touch something, your body feels energy behaving in a certain way and your mind interprets it as hard, soft, cold, warm, smooth, rough, etc. Externally experienced things are external E-motions. Internally experienced things are internal Emotions. Feeling is perception of emotion. An emotion can run without your conscious realization until you feel and become aware of it.

Everything is Emotion. All emotion is energy in motion. Feelings are everything.

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