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FATHER IN HEAVEN is something we all speak very frequently with out knowing the real heaven which in MOTHER EARTH .

WE ALL ARE BORN AS HUMAN BEINGS FROM THE UNION OF 2 SOULS who become father and mother and we celebrate mothers day n may and fathers day in june .All said and done its not remembering the father just that one day wouldn’t be apt for any human beings .in fact every father who toils day and night to bring food on the table for the family is something many times ignored and not appreciated .the sacrifices a father does is equally on par with any mother .in fact its both father and mother twinning effect of love compassion struggle support and many sacrifices put together is what a child gets to enjoy .

We as children of the creator /cosmos/father in heaven all have the responsibility towards our own self of realizing the spirit inside us and the physical body which is owned by mother earth has to be taken care and not only the body every thing on earth must be taken care which includes the other living beings as well

Coming back to fathers day celebration its our bound duty to take care of our parents until they leave the planet earth just one day celebrating posting selfies and spending on one day dinner and cakes is not going bring any blessings to you .

you must love ur parents unconditionally / take care unconditionally / do your duties for them / make time for them as frequently as possible ( inspite of ur family schedules /ur work etc etc )

happy fathers day to all the epigen members enjoy this human birth to celebrate everything in a SPIRITUAL MANNER


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