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YOU ARE YOUR MASTER, YOU ARE YOUR GUIDE. We are the conscious masters who are helping you to get awareness and discipline your life. By now you must have seen and experienced personally the happenings in and around you.

By now you must have understood the past present and future events of your life. The mind is a powerful tool which has immense power,(BIOVIBES IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE STATE OF MIND AND HEART – POSTULATED BY DR PRABHU ) if we all can arouse a burning desire of what we want, automatically the pathways are created from the universe to reach the target. Mind you when the internal universe has set a goal the external universe will bring an harmony to it.

If for some people things are not falling into place, there is something which we need to look in ourselves, as the external universe is the reflection of the same inside.

Some people have a notion that after ENHANCING THE BIOVIBES with bioenhancers nothing in life will be a problem but it is the other way round you will experience every thing as any normal human being but your handling of situation will be more appropriate and easy and it will come only by practice , As we are aware and sensitive we can help and guide ourselves to do the right thing and to have right thoughts.

Every human being has his or her own beauty, their own capabilities we need to understand and master it. Life is beautiful by itself, love by itself, we need to see the beauty and need to absorb the love and allow the love to flow through us.

All is perfect, like the stones and the thorns, ups and downs on the path, failures and trails , aches and pains are also perfect they are the warning signals which tell you to stop by, start fresh in the life’s journey. So take everything with a smile of acceptance which helps us to digest easily.

To carve a jewelry the gold has to go through the heat, the molding followed by the final polishing, similarly we are also going through the same process to ultimately to fuse with the purpose of the soul.

Whatever we are going through is we who are responsible for it, it is we who wished for it knowingly or unknowingly, for this to happen the others are the participants taking part in the drama, we are the creators , take a silent breath to understand the reality, stop blaming others. Hold yourself responsible for every deed and action of yours. Recognize the hidden MASTER WITH IN.

To master anything CONSISTENCY AND PERSISTENCE is very important. Those of you have experienced the life force of energy should understand now that constant being the NOW makes us to become better drivers of the life vehicles. Constantly how we clean our living room, rearrange the things which are disorderly, we need to practice biovibes to cleanse our body mind and soul. To balance our thought patterns and our energy fields that is our aura. There is a constant interaction of the vibrations inside and outside us, which in turn has constant changes in our energy and auric fields. This gives us an understanding that we need to do our biovibes practice daily or as often we can.

In addition to enhancing BIOVIBES YOGA practice which involves physical exercise and asana or postures gives wonderful experience of energy and solution to chronic health problems. YOGA makes the body more flexible in turn the energy blocks is removed which allows free circulation of energy or Prana.

It is going to be a wonderful experience with the life force of energy, and it is going to be an onward journey at your soul level. It is very powerful technique & tool for higher level of transcendence.

With the level 1 we work on ourselves first . There could be situations and experience in life which are quite personal and these are the causes for the life we are going through now. These cannot be shared; they need to be dissolved from our system to have a bright present and future.

With this level -1 biovibes you can reach the distance which you have not been able to. You can expand yourself more into to the unlimited universe, you can have more space to breathe in. when we become unlimited, and the things we experience also become unlimited.

When we are in gratitude we can let go our EGO, Many a times this entity becomes a hurdle to move forward. Once we cross this hurdle things become simpler. The more simple we are the life becomes more meaningful and enjoyable.

With this little knowledge being shared we now take you into the topics of biovibes . May the universal energy guide you in your life’s journey and god bless you

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