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We all are connected

We as human beings are 6 sensed animal being on the planet .

Let's see how plants get connected

Do you know what Mycelium is?*

Whoever produced the Avatar movie knew it well 🌳

Mycelium, or mycorrysis, is a fungus that expands underground creating a network of connection between all plant species, something like the internet, that allows them not only to communicate, but also to take care of themselves, protect themselves, feed themselves. , Stock up on the water.

When a tree from the forest is cut down, this mycelium communicates it to many trees in the forest that one of them is dying and all the other trees through the mycelium begin to care for the remaining trunk to try to save that life. They feed it water it protect it Because that dying log is part of the forest family.

Everything has a language It's the universal language.

We learn to reconnect with this non-verbal language, understanding that we are all part of the same thing.

We are neither superior nor inferior We are like children who still have a lot to learn from our older brothers, from the trees and the forest and above all from Our Mother Earth.”

When one sensed plant can support his or her species we as human are one species only then why aren't we supporting each other .why should we fight why shd we hate each other why should we kill each other and many more .

We humans also connected in a similar way though consciousness. The only way to expand our consciousness is through awareness ,which happens when we vibrate st higher frequency of 15+++ (according to GHES BIOVIBES research )

We all are divided by race religion caste creed etc etc ,we have failed to understand we are from THE SAME source and we have to go back to that only source (you can name anything ) .

We as humans must live in harmony Peace and share our love compassion and should emulate the total unconditional love to every living being


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